Member of Parliament for Kamloops Thompson Cariboo

Personal Profile of Betty Hinton, MP

Betty Hinton was elected to the House of Commons in December, 2000 to represent the riding of Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys and the Canadian Alliance Party.


During Betty’s three years in the House of Commons she has held the following portfolios:

  • Deputy Critic for Indian and Northern Affairs
  • Chair of the Leaders Advisory Committee on Indian and Northern Affairs
  • Critic for Multiculturalism
  • Critic for Status of Women
  • Deputy Critic for Health
  • Deputy Critic for Heritage
  • Shadow Cabinet – Public Health


She was also vice-chair of the party’s B.C. Caucus and party representative to the Council of Europe and again to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In February, 2004 Betty was honoured by a unanimous vote by all parties when the PM appointed her a Deputy Speaker of the House. This is the second time in the history of Canada that an Opposition member has held this position and the first time an Opposition female member has held it.


At the International meetings in the Hague, Betty spoke about the Canadian forestry industry and participated in numerous workshops regarding human rights and social issues affecting various European and African countries. The following year in Rotterdam, again the topics that she came away wanting to do something about were the ones involving women and children, many of whom are mistreated in distant parts of the world. In particular Mrs. Hinton found herself wanting to get involved in solving the issue of "slavery" that still darkens the doors of many countries, including Canada she discovered.

Prior to being elected as MP, Mrs. Hinton served in served in various public roles:

  • Trustee, Kamloops School Board
  • Chairman, S.D. Policy Committee
  • Member, S.D. Negotiating Committee
  • Member, S.D. Finance Committee
  • Alderman, Logan Lake
  • Mayor, Logan Lake
  • Representative, Thompson Nicola Regional District
  • Director and member of the executive, Thompson Nicola Regional District
  • Director and member of the executive, Okanagan Mainline Municipal Association
  • Executive Secretary, Thompson Area Development Association (now called Community Futures)

Mrs. Hinton also participated in many community roles including Past President, Kamloops Reform Part Constituency Association Founding Member, Kamloops Habitat for Humanities Committee

She was also a Recipient, YMCA Woman of Distinction Award, Public Affairs.


With experience as a small business owner/operator and employee of the banking and pharmacy industries, Mrs. Hinton brings a wide variety of skills to her political career. She has been married to Jamie for 34 years, has two children, one son-in-law, a grandson, and a small dog that isn't too sure why her owner keeps disappearing for weeks.


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