Betty Hinton, MP Masthead
Member of Parliament for Kamloops Thompson Cariboo
Canada Coat of Arms

Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal Awards          October, 2002


MEDIA Primer


The process started in April when the announcement came that Canada was presenting medals to citizens to commemorate the 50-year reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.


MP Betty Hinton contacted various people in communities throughout the riding and requested they look around their area and nominate two or three worthy people. Once the nominations were gathered the names were passed to Betty’s advisory committee who selected names based on the Governor General’s criteria as well as criteria set down by Betty herself.


The broad criteria set down by the Governor General’s direction stated that “the awarding of the medals will focus both on the achievements of those people who, over the past 50 years, have helped create the Canada of today, and on the achievements of younger Canadians who are actively contributing to our future. Recipients will be Canadian citizens who have made an outstanding and exemplary contribution to the community or to Canada as a whole.”


Betty’s direction to the committee included her thoughts that she would like to see people receive the medal who wouldn’t necessarily fit into any standard mould or who may be considered by one of the other organizations that were charged with presenting medals, i.e. Canadian Legion, Scouting and Guiding, Red Cross, provincial and territorial governments.


She also asked that geographic regions of the riding be considered (in so far as we had nominations from each). The Riding includes Clearwater/Blue River; Barriere; Pritchard; Chase; Savona; Logan Lake; Sun Peaks; Monte Lake, Westwold. These divisions would include people in the rural district around those main communities. There would also need to be thought given to age; gender; and areas of discipline. Betty also suggested that there be fair representation from business; professional; sports; education; arts-culture; social responsibility; youth, sectors.


There were 37 nominations plus the six soldiers whose names were put forward directly by the MP. Those not receiving medals were given certificates and Queen’s Jubilee pins by the MP.


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