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Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal Recipients   

Henk Groenevelt - Logan Lake 

His friends call him ‘Bobo’, but the community of Logan Lake refers to Henk as an indispensable asset. A charter member of the Lions club, he has held presidential and secretarial positions for thirty years as a member. Henk never stops helping his community. Once part of the PTA, and the resident village clown Henk founded the Logan Lake clown club. Sitting on the Logan Lake TV Society, being politically active as of late, is one part of this man's character. You might also find this upstanding citizen in floppy shoes clowning around and bringing smiles to the faces of children in his community. Congratulations!


Walter McKague - Savona 

Walter has been an active volunteer in Savona since his arrival in 1949. As president of the Community Association several times, he played a crucial role in the advancement of the Savona area. Walter has been involved in the building of the community hall, running bingo games, building a community beach, and organizing the Savona Beach Festival. President of the PTA, a former member of the Lions club, and an active member of the Old Age Pension Association (OAPA) Walter has demonstrated his willingness to help in a wide variety of ways. It’s obvious that Walter is the kind of friendly neighbor that is greeted warmly in his community, and a leader who has given back to his friends and family in Savona. Congratulations!


Isabel Hopcott - Savona 

Marion has resided in the area since her birth in Savona in 1914. In the 20s she was a student at the dormitory at St. Anne's Academy and became a competent pianist. The epitome of a pioneer, Marion married Jack Stuart, purchased ranchland at Copper Creek and settled down to have a family in the 1930s.They ranched there until 1946. From 1946 to 1969 she operated the Cotton Ranch. During that time she served as Secretary-Treasurer for the Tunkwa Lake Stock Association. She was also a school trustee through the 50s; a member of the TNRD Planning Committee for 12 years; Member of the Savona Community Association since its inception. A strong spirit and an asset to her community, Marion is deserving of recognition as an extraordinary pioneer. Congratulations


Kevin Jardine - Kamloops

One of Kamloops’ favorite sons, Kevin has maintained a spirit of kindness and humanity in the corporate world. Kevin’s business successes are second only to his sense of community. He is known for volunteering staff hours and financial support towards countless community teams and events. Chair of the original Multiplex committee, Kevin has sold more than sporting equipment during his illustrious career,  he donated his time and business to promoting sport and athletes of the region.  Without question a successful businessman, Kevin opened his first Sport Mart store in in Kamloops in 1984. There are now fifty-six stores. The spin-off employment of area talent due to his business ventures has been a wonderful boon to the economy. Kevin exemplifies not only a true gift for entrepreneurship but a true understanding of the spirit of corporate sponsorship. Congratulations!


Bridget Jensen - Kamloops

A nurse by profession, and a tireless volunteer by practice Bridget has given much of her time to helping people. A pediatrics nurse at Royal Inland Hospital for thirty-five years, in her free time Bridget serves the YM – YWCA. Bridget has served as an YM – YWCA director, and enjoys organizing for the Y Triathlon. Bridget also volunteers to canvass on behalf of charity organizations. An outstanding parent and role model, Bridget continues to help children, although hers are grown. As a community nurse, Bridget works with children with medical disabilities. Often her hard work and dedication is not noticed due to the silent service she provides, confidentially helping families with disabled children. She has helped with the Silent Voices choir for hearing-impaired children, and traveled to Ottawa with the choir to help them perform. Bridget has been heavily involved with St. Paul’s church, and at one point in time ran the junior choir at St. Paul’s. The endless flow of compassion has earned Bridget the right to be recognized as a nurse whose healing of youth is truly one of a kind. Congratulations!


Mike Puhallo - Kamloops

The famous cowboy poet from rural Kamloops, Mike has an affinity for the heritage of our region. Nominated for male poet of the year three years in a row by the Academy of Western Artists, he is one of the few Canadians recognized throughout the world for his contributions to cowboy culture. Five books and one CD later Mike’s work has been immortalized and will inform future generations about our past. Mike brings honour and recognition to our area’s heritage through his poems, and currently serves as president of the BC Cowboy Heritage Society. Congratulations!


Allan Manuel - Kamloops

An active member of the Kamloops Indian Band, and their oldest Veteran, Allan has dedicated his life to serving his country. Allan had a distinguished military career overseas when he volunteered to fight for Canada in 1942, but received very little recognition for his great efforts. After spending four years in the military service, Allan moved to different forms of service towards his community. Allan has sat on the housing committee, police committee, sports committee, and the Elders committee, working tirelessly for the Kamloops Indian Band. His efforts have not gone unnoticed. He deserves recognition for his service to our Nation. Congratulations!


Terry Shupe - Kamloops

Through his professional designation as a provincial court judge, Terry has given to society. His other titles prove his extraordinary commitment to the community. Founding chairman of the Crisis Centre, trustee for Big Brothers, founding and honorary life chairman for Western Canada Theatre Company, and an instrumental member in the construction of the Sagebrush Theatre, he is an asset to many in the Kamloops area. It is abundantly clear that Judge Shupe has given our province so much more than twenty-five years as a trial judge. His past accolades reflect a passion for the arts and his fellow community members. His latest endeavors involve travelling to countries in strife, and mentoring judges. The Independent Judicial Commission cites Judge Shupe’s contributions as ‘exemplary’. In his spare time, Judge Shupe has taken up the hobby of woodworking. Truly representative of his nature, the wooden toys and furniture he creates are then donated to Christmas Amalgamated.


Marg Marshall - Kamloops

In a professional capacity Marg has given leadership to three organizations in the community. In the 1970’s Marg led the Kamloops family YMCA to new programing initiatives through her staff and board roles.  An administrator with a heart and a business plan, Marg always pushes the envelope in the pursuit of a better way of serving people with needs. As executive director of the Phoenix Centre, Marg brought the centre to new levels of professionalism and growth in her eighteen years of service. A registered nurse, and a member of multiple provincial advisory committees it is no wonder that Marg’s tireless efforts landed her the award of  Woman of the Year – Business Category. Marg recently became Executive Director of the Kiwanis House an organization that is, coincidentally, in a growth phase. Beyond her job commitment, Marg has also given many hours of volunteer service through groups such as the RIH board of directors.  Congratulations!


Linda Jules - Kamloops

Six-year-president of the Kamloops Art Gallery, Linda is a credit to the Kamloops and area art community. Linda was founder of the Secwepemc Museum and Archives at the Kamloops Indian Band, and is responsible for highlighting the cultural art works of the Shuswap people. She serves on the University of Victoria board of governors, and is currently vying to establish a public fine arts high school in Kamloops. Being a member of the Canadian Museum Association, allows Linda to pursue her passion for art exhibition. A tireless worker, and community member extraordinaire Linda had dedicated countless hours to the administration of local museums. Congratulations!


Patricia Wallace - Kamloops

As a politician Pat Wallace has served her country and her community in an exemplary fashion. Twenty-seven years as a city councilor and director of the Thompson, Nicola Regional District.  This translates to unbelievable number of hours Pat has donated to the Riding. Outside the political realm, Pat has chaired blood donor clinics, Cancer campaigns, United Way campaigns, and is a member of countless other societies. In what she calls "another life" Pat was a teacher at UCC. After her first public election in 1975 her political flame has never been extinguished in municipal politics She is currently vice-chair of the Municipal Green Fund Council, and remains an active city councilor. Her experience has led her to be elected recently as president of the Union of B.C. Municipalities. Congratulations!


Cheryl Thomas - Clearwater

Dubbed the ultimate volunteer by her nominator, Cheryl is the type of valuable volunteer that any community would embrace. Cheryl has served on the hospital auxiliary, crisis line, community health advisory committee, North Thompson Community Skills Centre Board, Yellowhead Ecological Society, and as the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. Most recently Cheryl has been active with the Alexander Themis society, serving as their secretary. Cheryl is regarded as a 24/7 volunteer. Judging by her host of activities, this comment is not far from the truth. Congratulations!


Daniel Boughton - Kamloops

A breath of fresh air and a respiratory therapist Daniel has done some amazing work in the name of medicine. Building a volunteer organization to perform medical work in third world countries has been a passion for Daniel. He has lead Assistance for Respiratory Treatment (ART) through five years of operation, six mercy missions, and three conferences. The ART team focuses primarily on children, but will aid any who need help. A humanitarian, a medical professional, and a valued member of the Kamloops community, Daniel is a professional who heals the wounds of society through his work. Congratulations!


  Erin Gammel - Barriere

A female athlete from Barriere, Erin exemplifies the true spirit of sport. Swimming since age eight, Erin’s extensive resume includes: multiple athlete of the year awards; title of Canadian backstroke champion for five years; participating in two Pan Pacific and one Pan Am games, as well as participating in a Commonwealth Games. While traveling overseas Erin serves as an ambassador for Canada, and the Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys region. When she is not swimming for Canada, she serves her community as a motivational speaker at area High Schools. Congratulations!

MP Betty Hinton receives a special flag as a gift from Mr. Earl Holley, son of Cpl. Holley, who served in Afghanistan and was one of the medal winners.


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