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Hinton Says Compensation Must Be Specified

February 20, 2002

KAMLOOPS: Today in the House of Commons MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys) joined other Opposition Members in fighting the species at risk legislation now being proposed by the Liberal government.

"Clear provision for fair market value compensation must be in the bill. We don't want a law that says the government 'may' compensate a land owner. We want the law to be clear. It should state we 'will' give fair compensation if an endangered species is found on their land," said Hinton.

She also raised the concern that again - as is becoming prevalent in bills put forward by the Liberal government - this law is race-based. There is provision for Aboriginal land owners to be exempt based on ceremonial or medicinal usage.

"What we're setting up here is a situation where a non-Aboriginal rancher could be forced to shut down operations on one side of a fence while his Aboriginal neighbour on the other side may be exempt although they both own habitat that houses an endangered species," Hinton said in the House.

Hinton would also like to see the government look at full protection against those who would use endangered species for profit. She used as an example, while speaking in the House, the story of a Coast Salish mask dancer who sold eagle feathers in Washington State and was fined $147,000 for smuggling,trading and selling endangered species parts. It's the kind of follow-through that Mrs. Hinton believes in missing in Bill C-5.

Although Mrs Hinton fully supports the protection and preservation of Canada's natural environment and endangered species she will not support Bill C-5 until it includes language that respects the rights of individuals to own and manage private property.


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