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House committee listens to farmers

February 22, 2002

KAMLOOPS: Five Kamloops and area residents told the Committee on Agriculture how the government can help Canadian farmers during hearings at the Best Western Towne Lodge, Friday.

MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys) had the privilege of joining one of two meetings in British Columbia for the House of Commons multi-party committee on agriculture. She listened with fellow MPs - who are traveling across Canada - as people from the Riding talked about agriculture.

"Much of what the presenters told us I've heard from my constituents previously. Their concerns are the state of aboriginal land claims in B.C.; the ambiguous language of endangered species legislation; and concerns over genetically modified foods," said Hinton.

Kathleen and Brewster Kneen, well-known author on the topic of farming, spoke about corporate control of food globally; the lack of control in regards to genetically modified food, and chemical manipulation by large multinational companies.

Bruce Newton and Peter Phillips spoke on behalf of ranchers in the area. They said many are looking for government intervention in aboriginal land claims and its impact on grazing leases. Another issue discussed was free trade or trade barriers with the United States and how that affects the agricultural marketplace.

Mrs. Hinton agreed with farmer Peter Murray who said there has to be a level playing field.

"The people producing our food supply need certainty. Bill C-5 is a perfect example of how the government is leaving private land owners feeling very uncertain. C-5 has to guarantee that they will get fair market compensation if an endangered species, plant or animal, is found on their property. Current wording does not address this.


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