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Hinton meets with Nav Canada

March 18, 2002

OTTAWA: MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops, Thompson Highland Valleys) met with Andris (Andy) Vasarins, vice president of operations for Nav Canada in Ottawa today.

Mrs. Hinton said the outcome was most encouraging.

"Mr. Vasarins has indicated they may have come up with an alternate solution for a landing navigational device based on the capabilities of the airlines and the technology available presently."

That means we need not be left in limbo waiting for advance technology.

Mrs. Hinton had met Mr. Vasarins in Kamloops in February and asked him to research other sites, world-wide, that had similar problems to Fulton Field. She wanted to examine their solutions and how they may be applied locally.

"Mr. Vasarins said they have discovered two airports in the United States and one in Canada where the geography, the elevation, mountains, etc are very similar to Kamloops. They've come up with some ideas that may work for our airport."

Although there is no definite date, Mrs. Hinton said she is pleased that Nav Canada is looking at solutions that could be implemented relatively quickly.

"He indicated we may be able to meet the next publication date in June and solve the problem before fall."

Listening to businesses, especially those in the tourism sector, for the past year has made Mrs. Hinton very aware of the need to maintain a viable airport service for the region.

"This has been a priority for all of us interested in developing the region. Hopefully now we see some light at the end of the tunnel," said Hinton.


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