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Liberal stance on Kyoto damaging to Canadian Economy

April 3, 2002

Ottawa - : Betty Hinton, Canadian Alliance Member of Parliament for Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys, today reacted to Industry Minster Allan Rock's statement regarding the Kyoto Protocol.

"It has been our position that Kyoto was never a workable agreement in terms of the severe economic and social damage the agreement would cause. It is unfortunate that it has taken the minister so much time to realize this".

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Rock said that implementing the Kyoto Protocol could damage industry and the standard of living. He further went on to state: "I'm concerned about preaching on one hand about us becoming more productive and competitive and, on the other hand, not yet having measured the impact of Kyoto on the economy".

Hinton relayed that "My hope is that all the Liberals going cross country for a 'sell job' on Kyoto can realize that this agreement will be very harmful to the Canadian people and business while doing little or nothing to stop climate change. The Liberals, unfortunately, are too concerned with being politically correct than looking out for the interests of Canadians".

"Instead of ratifying a flawed agreement, I believe we should implement cost effective measures that protect the interests of Canadians. We must emphasize conservation, research, and the development of new, energy-efficient technologies".


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