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Short Term Solution to Airport Problem

Kamloops: May 31, 2002

MP Betty Hinton is pleased to announce that Transport Canada has approved the proposal for Kamloops airport using a "made in Kamloops" solution.

Hinton said "The resolution is a result of my suggestion to Navigation Canada that they compare the Kamloops situation to similar situations world wide and come up with a safe and viable solution for our circumstance. They did. Effective June 13, 2002, Transport Canada will place in Part II of the Company Route Manual regulations that allow any commercial operators that meet the criteria, access to Kamloops airport"

"In effect, the solution is the best possible solution for Kamloops without any cost." Hinton said "It lowers the limits to 1.5 statute miles of visibility without compromising safety. It allows any commercial carrier such as West Jet, Horizon or others, with proven standards to access Kamloops Airport. The regulation means that 98.28% of the time Kamloops will be accessible regardless of the weather."

"I commend the work of the airport committee for their diligent efforts to date. We share the satisfaction of a positive resolution and I assure them I'll be there as part of the team of problem solvers for any future projects for this Riding. Atta boys all around!"

Hinton praised the teamwork with a special commendation to her provincial counterparts. "Earlier this year, when we faced the loss of our customs officer, MLA Claude Richmond understood the implications immediately. We joined forces to rectify the potentially damaging situation to business and tourism for our region"

"Today's announcement by Transport Canada bodes well for our region and allows us to concentrate our energy toward expanding tourism and job creation."

For more information call the office at 851-4991.


For further information contact:
Betty Hinton, MP
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