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Community leaders formalize their ambassador duties with MP

Kamloops: July 8, 2002

MP Betty Hinton realized after a few months as MP that she often had the perfect opportunity to sell the benefits of the Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys to influential people from around the world. But, what specific thing to talk about and how to give those she met the pertinent data without monopolizing their time at social receptions and State dinners.

Mrs. Hinton realized many people are in the same situation as herself. That is how the idea of a leaders' ambassador program started.

It was decided a small card to pass to potential investors or visitors and a three-line monthly email or information on the area will keep the Ambassadors focused on promoting the region.

With the assistance of natural ambassador Val Clemont, Mrs. Hinton has contacted key leaders in the Riding and asked them to turn their informal discussions with their colleague into subtle promotional presentations.

Each person will carry Ambassador cards, designed by Mrs. Clemont. They will hand them out when appropriate to those interested in knowing more about their region. The 800-numbers for the region's tourism and economic development departments are on the card and can be called for more information.

Venture Kamloops and Kamloops Chamber of Commerce will handle the incoming calls, dispensing information depending on the client's request.

There will be an evaluation process at the end of the year. Mrs. Hinton's hope is that the idea proves successful and some agency and/or corporate sponsor carries it forward and expands it to others.

This is truly a private-public partnership that brings all parties together to work on behalf of the region.


For further information contact:
Betty Hinton, MP
(613) 995-6931


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