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October 8, 2002

Betty Hinton, MP, Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys

Softwood lumber package too little too late

Ottawa: - In response to the Liberal government’s long overdue softwood lumber package, MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops, Thompson, and Highland Valleys) today stated that the package is “nothing more than a band-aid solution and basically serves to get workers out of the industry.”

“Here we have a vibrant industry – one of the best in the world – that is facing destruction as a result of Liberal failure to deal with this crisis. This Liberal announcement states that the industry is defunct and skilled workers should retrain and collect EI,” said Hinton following the government announcement regarding softwood lumber in the House of Commons Tuesday.

The Official Opposition (Canadian Alliance) is calling for a tariff payment management strategy to assist the industry weather the crisis while awaiting a decision from the World Trade Organization (WTO). That wasn’t part of the Liberal’s long-awaited plans for the troubled forestry sector.

“In the House the Minister said this is just the beginning – that it is a plan in progress. What I’m saying is they have a plan in progress … to destroy the industry,” said Hinton.

Hinton said workers need relief but any type of adequate aid package should include support for the crippled industry – this has none.

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