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February 18, 2002

Ottawa: MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys) said Tuesday’s federal budget by Finance Minister John Manley is the sincerest form of flattery with many of the concepts stolen right off the Canadian Alliance page.

“I’m happy for the travelling public. The 40% cut in the airline security fee can only help our current campaign to bring in more air service to Kamloops, but I’m disappointed for the majority of Canadians who have struggled and made-do with lower levels of service so this country could get out of its deficit and into a surplus position. Now we have a surplus it turns into a $3-billion slush fund for the Prime Minister,” said Hinton.

Hinton’s main concern is that the public be lulled by what appears to be good intentions that will never come to fruition due to Liberal mismanagement.

Speaking from the House following the budget speech Hinton said, “My question is when is this government going to realize the Canadian people are quite capable of looking after themselves. The best thing Manley could have given Canadians was a tax break, perhaps then they would be able to afford child care and be able to save for their retirement without waiting three to five years for government’s patronizing hand-outs.”

Although the military is getting $270 million this year and an $800 million increase in its annual budget beginning next year, Hinton said it falls far short of the $2 billion called for by the Auditor General and others involved with our armed forces.

As critic for Status of Woman, Hinton is interested in new money for childcare but has a concern that it be put in the hands of parents not doled out by bureaucrats.

“I’d support a $3,000 per child deduction families could use for their choice of childcare options that work for them,” she said.

Overall, the budget announced $17.4 billion in new spending initiatives over three years and tax cuts of $2.3 billion. Hinton said once again the Liberals are saying to Canadians we know better than you where your money should go.


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