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June 16, 2003

OTTAWA: The Sub-Committee on Procedures and House Affairs for Electorial Boundaries is putting forward MP Betty Hinton’s recommendations on re-drawing the boundaries of her riding.

Mrs. Hinton presented to the sub-committee in Ottawa on May 5th when they were deliberating the suggested boundary changes put forth by the Electoral Boundary Re-Distribution Committee. She spoke of the need to keep communities that have strong social and economic ties together in one riding and of the need to maintain a riding of a reasonable size.

“I am extremely happy to hear that I now have the backing of the multi-party sub-committee in trying to hold together those communities that were most upset about the initial proposal regarding riding composition,” said Hinton.

Mrs. Hinton said through discussions with constituents in the various communities as well as talks with adjacent MPs, she felt compelled to appeal the original decision to cut some long-time communities from the new Kamloops Thompson riding that has been formed.

The Electoral Boundary Commission has 30 days to consider the changes being asked for by the Sub-Committee. Following the final decision on boundary changes across Canada and the acceptance by Parliament it will be one year before the new boundaries come into affect.


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