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June 16, 2003

Together we can

KAMLOOPS - The offices of MP Betty Hinton and the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce announced jointly today that they will be hosting a petition-signing session to support the Canadian beef industry September 3rd.

For several weeks a small group of determined people from Alberta have been gathering signatures on the side of a Freightliner truck. With over 300,000 names on the truck so far, Trail Boss Timothy Wishewan is setting out on a "Cattle Drive to Parliament Hill". Wishewan and co-wrangler Paul Orlicz are hauling the cattleliner from Vancouver to Ottawa to draw attention to the ongoing struggles that the beef industry is facing, as well as the thousands of businesses that support that industry. "We're doing this for the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker," says Wishewan. "This is far bigger than just Alberta ranchers."

The Cattle Drive recognizes the many Canadians who have already supported the beef industry and highlights the fact that a fractional opening of the border does not mean the crisis has passed. Hundreds of cattle will have to be destroyed if there is no place for them to go and others will die because of lack of feed due to droughts and fires.

The signatures on the petition will be presented to the federal government to ask them to act immediately to restore international confidence in Canadian beef with appropriate protocols for market quality standards and rules.

Wishewan and Orlicz depart from Vancouver on September 2nd and will arrive in Parliament Hill on September 17th. They will be in Kamloops to gather signatures on Wednesday, September 3rd from 5:00 - 8:00 pm at the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce parking lot by Aberdeen Mall.

There will be a number of ranchers on hand to talk with people about the cattle industry. Mrs. Hinton said, "We hope that people will take the time to drop in to show support for this worthwhile cause."


For further information, please contact: Chamber of Commerce 372-7722 or Betty Hinton, MP 851-4991


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