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Business decision not an easy one for Tolko

October 2, 2003

KAMLOOPS: Disappointed by Tolko's decision, MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys) also understands the harsh realities of business.

"I'm very disappointed to learn that Tolko will not be rebuilding their mill in the North Thompson. It's unfortunate that business decisions don't always take the human factor into account. That's the harsh reality of this situation," said Mrs Hinton upon learning of Thursdays announcement by Tolko.

Mrs. Hinton said single industry communities such as Barriere and Logan Lake face challenges for survival but the lifestyle they offer makes residents open to innovative ideas for economic diversification.

"What's happening in the Barriere and Louis Creek is an accumulation of the softwood lumber tariff fiasco and the forest fires. We need ways to diversify and broaden the economic base so people who want to live the small-town lifestyle have access to employment - and we need the help of all levels of government to ensure the viability," she said.

Mrs Hinton has put forward to a number of federal ministers is the construction of a state-of-the-art cattle-by-products disposal plant and pilot project on wind energy. There are many other suggestions that could create jobs in the region including Tolko's future plans with their mill at Heffley. Hinton said that with Tolko's announcement about Barriere on Thursday people now know where they stand and the community knows what is happening.

Mrs Hinton is available to talk with anyone in the community about projects that could help with the rebuilding of Barriere.


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