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October 31, 2003

KAMLOOPS: The response and caring shown by all Canadians is exemplified by the delivery today of 11 loads of hay for the ranchers of the North Thompson said Betty Hinton, MP Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys.

"I went on Calgary radio and asked for help from our Alberta friends. I also appealed through my fellow Canadian Alliance MPs for assistance in feeding cattle impacted by the North Thompson forest fires. My requests plus those of others have been answered by a caring group of ranchers from Carstairs. My hat goes off to them," said Mrs. Hinton, who was in the House of Commons this week.

The hay will be distributed through local contacts in the ranching community. Ranchers will met and thank the people transporting the hay to our area on behalf of the ranching community. Mrs. Hinton sent her thanks to those who braved the snowy roads and the glitches to get the hay to their fellow ranchers.

Mrs. Hinton is also happy to see that Minister of Labour Claudette Bradshaw has approved a $50,000 grant for the Salvation Army Kamloops Ministries under the National Homelessness Initiative.

"Mrs. Bradshaw was one of the nine ministers I wrote to about the need for immediate funding for the North Thompson back in August. I'm pleased to see the Salvation Army has been given this money to assist those displaced from their homes by the forest fires," said Mrs. Hinton.


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