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November 12, 2003

Kamloops: In typical Liberal fashion, the federal governing party choose to prorogue Parliament three days after Members of Parliament returned to their ridings, said MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys).

"This means Canadian needs will remain unmet until January 12, 2004," she said.

The new Liberal leader, who will be anointed this weekend, will remain unaccountable to the Parliament and the Canadian people. Hinton said the Liberals are walking away leaving many issues that affect her riding and other Canadians up in the air.

"The softwood lumber issue and BSE economic impact are only two of the issues not resolved, this decision also leaves the re-distribution of riding boundaries unresolved. All Bills and committee work now underway die with the prorogation of the House - a waste of time and resources," said Hinton.

Hinton said given his age, she can understand why the Ancient Mariner may require a week off following Mr. Martin's hard-fought leadership battle but closing down the House for two months is unacceptable to most hard-working Canadians.


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