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November 19, 2003

Kamloops: Betty Hinton, MP (Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys) wants to know if other constituents have a similar problem to a woman in Chase, who can't get Revenue Canada to understand an electrical generator is a medical necessity for her.

Hinton says the woman, who lives in Chase, must have an electrical generator at her home to ensure her oxygen concentrator keeps working 24 hours a day. Unfortunately Revenue Canada will not accept it as a medical necessity and will not allow her to claim it as a medical deduction.

"Revenue Canada is telling my researcher that they only way to get a generator added to the list of acceptable deductions, which includes items such as orthopedic shoes, wigs and air filters - when medically necessary - is by an act of Parliament," said Hinton. "If that is the case I'll gladly take this to the floor of the House of Commons when we return in January."

The constituent, who functions normally with the assistance of the oxygen concentrator, is unable to tolerate any periods of time without the oxygen because of a medical condition labeled advanced airflow obstruction.

"This woman is not asking for much. She is the one who personally put out the $8,000 for the generator. All she is asking is that she be allowed a tax break by claiming it as a medical expense. It doesn't seem too much to ask," said Hinton.

Mrs. Hinton and the constituent will be available at Hinton's office in Kamloops Thursday, November 20th at 1 p.m. for discussion of this issue with media.

"I will bring this up in Parliament but meanwhile I'd like to ensure there aren't others out there facing a similar problem," said Hinton.


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