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November 6, 2003


OTTAWA - The holding back of the Canadian government from a vote on a United Nations resolution on human cloning today indicates confusion and lack of leadership in the Liberal government, says Canadian Alliance Deputy Health Critic Betty Hinton, MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo.

Today at the United Nations Canada abstained from a vote on a resolution to delay a decision on human cloning for two years. The resolution, sponsored by Iran, passed by just one vote, 80-79. The passage of the proposal prevented other resolutions from coming forward, including one supported by over 60 countries in support of a comprehensive ban on human cloning.

"Liberals are all over the map on this issue. It speaks volumes about how rudderless and out of touch they have become," said Mrs. Hinton.

Mrs. Hinton said it is hard to fathom where the Liberal government is coming from on this important issue.. A while ago they tabled a bill in the House of Commons that had loopholes that could allow cloning under some circumstances. Yesterday, the Health Minister clearly stated that Canada would support a comprehensive ban on human cloning. Today at the UN the government abstained on the vote, which allowed a motion to withhold a decision on cloning for two years to be placed on record.

"This is a matter of pressing concern to Canadians. The Health Minister should answer to Canadians for the government's overnight reversal of her stated position," said Mrs. Hinton.


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