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December 5, 2003


OTTAWA - Canadian Alliance members have overwhelmingly endorsed a plan to merge with the Progressive Conservative Party to form the new Conservative Party of Canada, announced Alliance Leader Stephen Harper today. The initiative is supported by 95.9% of Alliance members nation-wide, and 95.1% in BC.

The merger will create a strong conservative alternative to the governing Liberals for the first time in over a decade, says Kamloops-Thompson-Highland Valleys MP Betty Hinton. “Paul Martin’s free ride is cancelled,” said Hinton today. “This merger is a huge shot in the arm for Canadian democracy.”

Hinton predicted rapid growth for the new Conservative Party. “I think a lot of conservative-minded Canadians who were discouraged from getting involved by the vote-splitting between the PC Party and the Alliance will now become very active in building this united Conservative Party. In this case, one plus one can equal more than two.”

“I am very happy about the overwhelming support from Alliance members, but I am not surprised. After all, this merger is what the Alliance has been working for all along. I am convinced that a large majority of PC members are equally enthusiastic about joining forces to end the Liberal stranglehold.”

Vote results by province:
Newfoundland 95.5%
Nova Scotia 93.1%
New Brunswick 95.3%
PEI 92.2%
Quebec 96.7%
Ontario 96.3%
Manitoba 95.1%
Saskatchewan 93.7%
Alberta 96.4%
BC 95.1%
Territories 95.3%
Canada Total 95.9%



For more information contact:
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