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24 February 2004


OTTAWA - The sponsorship program through which the Liberal Party of Canada filtered taxpayers’ money to its friends operated not only in Quebec, but all the way to Victoria, BC, according to media reports. Conservative MP Betty Hinton (Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo) reacted by saying, “Of course I am appalled by how far this corruption reaches within the Liberal Party, but I can’t say I’m surprised.”

Media reports indicate that a longstanding member of the federal Liberal Party secured funds from a secret slush fund that had no application form, by contacting the office of Environment Minister David Anderson, the Liberal MP for Victoria. Recipient of the money Jamie Kelley said the Minister’s aides told him he was granted the money because of his service and donations to the Liberal party.

Mrs. Hinton pointed out, “This punches yet another gaping hole in the Prime Minister’s defences. He said public servants were behind the scam, and Cabinet was out of the loop. But this case suggests that it was the other way around.”

Mrs. Hinton also stated, “We simply can’t trust Liberal politicians to sort this out, when many of them may very well have been involved in this case of complicity.”


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