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February 25, 2004

Agricultural crisis raised in House

OTTAWA: Both the Conservative Party of Canada and Kamloops Thompson Cariboo MP Betty Hinton are pushing the Liberal government to address the agricultural crisis in Canada.

Wednesday, in the House of Commons, the Party tabled a motion for debate Thursday. It reads, “That the government reallocate its resources from wasteful and unnecessary programs such as the gun registry and the sponsorship program to address the agricultural crisis at the farm gate across Canada.” Debate will begin at approximately 10:15 a.m.

In Question Period Tuesday, Mrs. Hinton made a statement about the agricultural crisis and in specific the ranchers in her riding who are awaiting assistance for re-seeding and re-fencing as well as help in recovering from the 2003 forest fires and the fall-out from the softwood lumber tariffs.

On Monday, the Senate officially amended the names of 38 ridings across Canada including the former Kamloops Thompson and Highland Valleys. Mrs. Hinton had fought to have the name Cariboo included after the original Elections Canada had the new riding as Kamloops Thompson.

“I’m pleased that they listened. I felt it was unfair to leave out of the riding name the word Cariboo when hundreds of people up there have historically known their area as the “Cariboo,” said Hinton.


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