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Today, our thoughts and prayers are first and foremost with the victims of Tuesday's (September 11, 2001) senseless acts of terrorism, and their families.

Our hearts reach out to those closest to the victims as well as the many people who will be impacted by their deaths.

Along with the Prime Minister of our country and the Leader of the Official Opposition, I ask all residents of this riding to condemn at every opportunity these evil acts our neighbours were subject to on Sept. 11.

We must not forget in our thoughts and prayers those who are working diligently in the aftermath of the devastation in New York - the emergency personnel; those donating blood, funds and time to assist in a thousand ways; the managers and leaders who are trying to establish the infrastructure necessary for life to continue; and the citizens of both the U.S. and Canada who are standing steadfast in their resolve that world peace is something we prize above all partisan actions.

As each of us return to our own personal challenges and joys, we will, no doubt, privately mourn the loss of life and the loss of our innocence.

But we must go forward courageously. Personally we must look, in everything we do, for ways to build a world where everyone has an opportunity to follow their own beliefs without it infringing on others' rights. As a country we must ensure that Canada is not used as a launching pad for any further acts of terrorism while maintaining our believe that freedom and democracy are among the most highly priced values of our constitution.

Betty Hinton, MP
September 10,2001
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