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Editorial on NL Radio, May 21, 2003


Later today the regional district may vote on the possibility of taking over the navigational buoys in the South Thompson River. Regardless of the outcome, I will respect their collective decision.


Personally, Iím note inclined to reward federal Liberal mismanagement with a way out, especially when the burden falls to the people in this riding. Iím also not inclined to set this negative precedent for British Columbia Ė no thoughtful politician would willingly invite this kind of financial responsibility and liability into the lives of their constituents. Thatís why Iíve fought the Minister on this issue for the past year.


The buoys are just another example of the downloading of responsibility by senior government to local government.


Although some may think that $20,000 annually is not a lot of money, add that cost to a long list of services that are being abandoned by the feds Ė and taken on by municipalities, without rebate.


Soon no one will be able to handle the inflated property taxes necessary to pay the total.


The current federal Liberals seem to have one way of operating Ė take the revenue and remove the services. Eventually local politicians and residents will have to stand firm, if we are to stop the downloading and the increased tax bite for local residents.


My name is Betty Hinton and Iím your Member of Parliament.


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